Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday 4th April

2009 Challenge Fund (£13550 - £480 in play accounted)
Current stake - £120

Let's get football out the way.

Here's a simple one – Chelsea should be 1.5ish to beat Newcastle. They're not.
£120 Chelsea beat Newcastle 1.75

I've been reviewing this, and as my betting is mainly based around the games being low-scoring, believe I will be better off in the long run dutching 0-0 (or no goalscorer) and 1-1. I will review this after the inevitable rash of 2-2 draws!
West Brom/Stoke
3 x £45 dutching 0-0 and 1-1
1 x £15 treble returning £550.

My friend “Saturday Gambler” visisted yesterday and we bet like we were twenty-something. I'd like to say I showed him how to bet like a pro, but I dropped £300 whilst he backed Rupert at 50/1! Good fun.

Today I'm on a rescue mission for Kalahari King, and I suppose Star De Mohaison will be making me poorer yet again. I'll also do the placepot and do those two with State of Play and Offshore Account for the get rich quick trebles, and a forecast on the national.

My National portfolio is a right mess, burdened with a hopeless number of non runners, and some horses I cringe at the thought of having backed. Still, my ten against the field return approx as follows.
Offshore Account £4000
State of Play £2500
Knowhere £1500
Brooklyn Brownie £1000
Snowy Morning £1000
Parsons Legacy £1000
Himalayan Trail £1000
Hear The Echo £850
Eurotrek £750
Rambling Minster £550

Good luck!

Barking Bets (Banked £1375/Current fund £2490 – 1 bet in play unaccounted)
Current stake - £240.

Nothing today.

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  1. Slipperytoad9:32 AM

    Damm Toots that's a shirt load of wonga! Off to Chepstow today as part of my racing double (Bath yesterday).

    For the big one rambling minster, southern vic and black apalachi (for obvious reasons)